Friday, August 30, 2013

The Art of Hosting

It is my pleasure to share this announcement on behalf of my colleagues Jen Bentrim and Jen Mein:

We would like to announce the publication of Cultivating Change in the Academy: Practicing The Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter Within the University of Minnesota, an e-book and companion web site that highlights the experiences of UMN faculty, staff, and student "Art of Hosting" practitioners. This second book in the “Cultivating Change” series, documents the emerging applications of the "Art of Hosting" and "Harvesting Conversations that Matter," a set of engagement techniques, practical frameworks, and an international community of practitioners focused on engaging diverse perspectives in meaningful conversation for wise action.

Over the past six months, 25+ contributed as authors, editors, graphic designers, and technical supporters for this collaborative project. The stories showcase innovation and leadership within and across colleges, schools, departments, and classrooms. They offer insight into how unexpected and significant change unfolds. You may be especially interested in a chapter within the personal transformation section we co-authored and titled, Leadership Journeys Lead to Hosting IT Community.

The e-book can also be downloaded from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy as a PDF or in native formats for iPad, Nook, Kindle, and other eReaders.

You can also read, comment and share the stories via the companion website Practicing the Art of Hosting.

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