Monday, September 30, 2013

7 tips to make your employees happier, more creative and productive

In an era where higher ed budgets become tighter, we're probably all familiar with more "crunch" time at the office. That may be "okay" for work requiring rudimentary cognitive skill, but for IT workers who need to bring creativity and imagination, this "treadmill" of work can drain us of our energy.

Minnesota Public Radio recently discussed this in their piece, 7 tips to make your employees happier, more creative and productive. In the article, Teresa Amabile, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, says "Companies are trying to get people to do more... Fewer people are doing the jobs of what used to be done by many more people... This is actually counterproductive because when people are constantly on the work treadmill, they don't have time to think, they don't have time to actually be creative in solving problems or coming up with new ideas, and they lose their energy. Put simply, they stop being as engaged in their work, they're less productive, they're less creative."

The article gives 7 tips to make your employees happier, more creative and productive:

  1. Managers should stop and think about the day-to-day experience of their employees.
  2. Encourage and make time in the day for breaks.
  3. Let your employees surf the Internet.
  4. Give employees meaningful deadlines to inspire creativity and protect them from distractions.
  5. Allow employees to work some of their hours away from the office.
  6. Sit down with each employee and discuss his or her workday.
  7. Look to Google and SAS for examples of workplaces that foster creativity.

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