Friday, October 25, 2013

Top 10 priorities

What are IT's top priorities? What is your campus focusing on? What's important to your students and faculty?

EDUCAUSE Review shared a video this summer about the Top-10 IT Issues. In higher education, technology plays a crucial support role. But technology needs to be like a service; when our customers reach for what they think is a lightswitch, the lights need to come on. We support the campus, so we need to pay careful attention to the campus needs.

Top issues facing higher education CIOs today include reducing costs, demonstrable improvement in student outcomes, strategic advancements in e-learning, and meeting the demands of consumerization. These are reflected in the top 10 overall priorities:

  1. Wireless
  2. Using technology to improve student outcomes
  3. Cloud
  4. Staffing and organizations
  5. Balancing infrastructure, openness, and security
  6. Strategic funding
  7. Online learning
  8. Supporting "bring-your-own-device"
  9. Transforming the business with IT
  10. Applying analytics

Many of these map directly to an earlier prediction of the six trends for 2013: Big data, analyzing course performance for faster feedback, supporting "BYOD," platform independence, mobile apps, and education social media.

What are your top priorities?

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