Thursday, November 14, 2013

Network upgrades in Science & Math

I wanted to share a brief update on the network upgrades that are happening on campus. Since upgrading the campus network last year, we have remained committed to improving wireless network coverage across campus. The wireless network is an important part of campus life, and we want to ensure that the campus community can use the wireless network where it is needed.

As you may have noticed, electricians have been busy at work in the Science & Math Building this week. Computing Services and Plant Services are working together with Kieffer Electric and the U of M Office of Information Technology to upgrade the wireless network within Science & Math. The electricians will minimize disruption while they do their work. Thank you for your patience while we improve wireless network coverage in the West wing, faculty offices, and Auditorium. The East wing will be updated later.

After Science & Math, our next focus will be the Humanities Fine Arts Building. We are already in the planning stage for this building.

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