Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Top 10 - bonus

I sometimes like to find leadership lessons in unusual places. Looking for leadership lessons through the lens of unexpected sources can be interesting and insightful. This year, I shared a few lessons that carry great leadership lessons, or viewed technology from an original perspective.

Leadership lessons from zombies (January 28)
Zombies are almost a staple in Halloween lore, and now a popular Internet meme. And oddly, that leads me to a few leadership lessons from zombies. I sometimes like to look at things from different viewpoints to see what we can learn about leadership. Zombies provide an excellent lens for leading teams and building momentum behind your vision.
The King's Toaster, part 2 (February 4)
You may remember my post from a while back, about the King's Toaster. I related a funny story that made the rounds on an early Internet discussion board in the 1990s, about a powerful king and his two advisors. The king asked the advisors how they would add a computer to a toaster. That may be a silly story, and we all laughed 20 years ago. But I point you to two "breakfast food cookers" that you can find today in stores.
Leadership lessons in building relationships (March 11)
An important part of leadership is building your relationship network. Relationships are currency—you sometimes need to use your relationships to make deals, smooth over conflicts, and generally just get things done. Do not overlook this part of your leadership development. And My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is all about how to make friends and build relationships.
Leadership lessons from Land of the Lost (April 1)
Maybe you noticed that I posted the article on April 1.
Leadership lessons from a Navy SEAL (May 17)
Brent Gleeson is the co-founder and CMO at Internet Marketing Inc, and a Navy SEAL combat veteran. Gleeson wrote in Inc about leadership lessons gleaned from his SEAL training. From the article, Gleeson's four leadership values.

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