Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chromebook, part 2

So far, I'm enjoying the Chromebook. I find it a great second laptop, although I haven't quite replaced my primary laptop with it. The HDMI-to-DVI issue with my external monitor is my main issue. The 11.6" display on the Chromebook is nice, I just prefer using the larger screen area of my external monitor.

However, I'd like to share a few things I've learned on the Chromebook that you might like to know:

Yes, you can use SSH
I don't often need to use SSH ("Secure shell," a terminal program that lets you connect to other computers). As a director, I just don't need to login to servers anymore. But I do maintain a personal website, and I need to use SSH to edit my web page. I was excited to find a version of Secure Shell that runs within the Chrome web browser, so I can use it on the Chromebook.
On taking screenshots
I occasionally find it helpful to take a screenshot of what I'm seeing in my web browser, usually so I can report a problem on a website somewhere. On Linux, I would just use the PrtScr key on the keyboard to save a screenshot directly to a folder. On Windows, you can do something similar, but you need to copy/paste the screenshot into MS Paint, and save it from there. On the Chromebook, it's a key combination: ctrl + window switcher (the "three boxes" key above the "6" on the keyboard). Here's a quick screenshot to demonstrate: 

I promise not to make a regular habit of posting my progress on the Chromebook, but this seemed interesting for anyone looking to replace a desktop system with a Chromebook.

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