Thursday, February 13, 2014

Windows XP end of life

This is to let you know that Microsoft will stop supporting an older version of Windows (called “Windows XP”) after April 8, 2014. If you follow the news, you may also hear the term “End of Life” for this old version of Windows.

A few of you may still be running Windows XP. We want to work with you to find any computers that are still running this old version so that we can either upgrade these computers to Windows 7 or replace them with a newer computer and Windows 7.

Any computers that are 3 years old or newer should have come with Windows 7; computers older than 3 years may be running Windows XP. If you’re not sure what version of Windows you are using, here are 2 easy ways to check:
1. On Windows XP, the program menu button in the bottom left corner will have the word ‘Start’ on it. (On Windows 7, that button will just be the Windows logo with no words on it.)
Windows 7 has a "Windows" logo Windows XP has a green "Start" button
2. To check the version of windows, you can also click on the Windows (‘Start’) menu and type ‘winver’ (without the quotes) into the search box and hit enter. That will tell you exactly what version the computer is running. If you are running Windows 7, it will look like the 2nd attachment.

If you find that your computer is running Windows XP, or if you’d like help checking the version, please call the Helpdesk and we can help you out.

Since Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP after April, it will become increasingly difficult for us to fix problems on this older version of Windows. Computers that are running Windows XP are probably more than 4 or 5 years old. We recommend divisions and departments replace these computers over the summer; you’ll get a newer computer, and an updated version of Windows.

Please call or visit the Helpdesk if you have questions or need help.

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