Friday, March 7, 2014

Conference call hell

An important part of any successful meeting is having a clear agenda, and sharing that with people ahead of time so they can come to the meeting prepared to talk about the items. When everyone comes prepared, meetings can be very productive.

Meetings that are not run this way can be dreadful. Meetings like that can really take the life out of every participant. Nothing gets done, and people dread attending the next meeting.

The next runner-up to "meetings no one wants to attend" are conference calls. Comedy sketch duo Tripp & Tyler exemplify conference call hell in their short video, A conference call in real life. How many of you have been in conference calls like this?

Don't let your meetings end up this way. With the increasing trend towards remote meetings, such as through Google Hangout or teleconferences, we need to find ways to keep our remote attendees engaged. Remote meetings shouldn't drift into "us v them" where those who are physically present in the room ignore those who are trying to participate via conference. What things can you learn about running a remote meeting successfully?

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