Monday, March 17, 2014

When your phone is your life, battery is everything

Students today live and die by their mobile phones. You don't have to look far on any university campus to see students peering at their iPhones or Android phones, checking email, watching videos, posting updates. This generation is a mobile-powered generation.

So it's important that campuses support our students and their platform of choice. Battery is everything. So on our campus, as I'm sure many others, we've placed mobile device charging stations in several common student areas. Here's one from our student center:

These charging points allow multiple students to connect iPhones or Android phones to get a quick "top up" on their charge. Doing homework in the library? Find a charging station and plug in your phone. Getting lunch in the student center cafe? Charge your phone while you eat. It's much more convenient than carrying your own charger with you all day, and hanging out near wall outlets.

We've had these charging stations for a year or more, but this seems such an obvious idea that I wonder why we didn't do this earlier. Students, faculty, and staff all love it. And with our two wind turbines at Morris, there's a good chance that your phone will charge from wind power.

As we build out new student areas on our campus, it's great to see us incorporate mobile devices in our space planning. For example: this summer, our library plans to create new study spaces, which will feature table-based mobile device charging points.

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