Friday, May 23, 2014

CIO: challenge accepted

EDUCAUSE Review has a great article about the modern role of the CIO in higher ed, and five new CIOs who accepted the challenge. It's a very inspirational piece. I also enjoyed seeing two colleagues interviewed for this article.

I found this quote neatly summarized why I am excited to work in higher ed IT leadership:
As CIOs, we get fired up about setting direction, creating strategy, and solving issues and problems for our campus communities. The CIO should not be “the” problem solver, however; we are enablers who create an environment in which the IT staff feel (and are) empowered to solve problems. As CIO Kyle Johnson explained: “Many CIOs have heard the job called the CI ‘no,’ and I’ve gotten personal satisfaction in turning that perception around. Some at my current institution call me for help even if it isn’t directly related to the IT area. I’m more like a CI ‘go’ now.”
photo: EDUCAUSE Review

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