Monday, May 12, 2014

Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014: Be the Change You See

There's a great article on EDUCAUSE Review about the top ten IT issues facing campuses today. It's a compelling read, and I encourage anyone working in higher ed technology to read it.

As the article points out, many of these issues are not new. Early adopters and "trailblazers" in higher ed have been tackling these items for the last several years, but they have now reached a tipping point that the rest of higher ed needs to get on board.
  1. Improve student outcomes through strategic use of technology
  2. Establish partnerships between IT and the institution
  3. Assist faculty to leverage instructional technology
  4. Develop organizations that accommodate changing technology
  5. Apply analytics in institutional decision making
  6. Change IT funding sustain core services, support innovation, and facilitate growth
  7. Balance demand and need, especially with wireless
  8. Combine purchases to reduce costs
  9. Understand and support online learning
  10. Implement risk management and information security practices
  11. Design enterprise IT to adapt and adjust to changing needs and opportunities

(those last two are tied for #10)

Where is your organization? How do you compare to your peers? Are you behind the curve, or running ahead? You can rank yourself by comparing your institution's technology to others via the expanded EDUCAUSE list, broken down by Carnegie class (PDF).

At Morris, we leverage much of our "large scale" technology from the enterprise at the Office of Information Technology. Unlike others in a similar position, I'm unafraid to "outsource" my large IT to the enterprise. But admittedly, that might be because I previously worked in OIT as a senior manager, and led the development and deployment of many enterprise systems that I now consume as a campus customer. But it never hurts to look at other similarly sized, comparable institutions to see how we fare on the top 10 IT issues from a small campus perspective.

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