Friday, June 6, 2014

What to do in your last 30 days

A friend of mine, Helen Norris, recently accepted a CIO role at Chapman University, in southern California. As she prepared to leave her present position, friends and colleagues sent her articles and essays to help her transition into her new role at Chapman, what to do in your first 30/90/180 days.

But Helen says that no one could offer advice on how to exit a role. Helen shares her own advice on her blog: What do to in your your last 30 days. A brief summary of Helen's six lessons, and some of my own reflections:

1. Be gracious
As you prepare to leave, lots of people will congratulate you and offer praise. Don't forget to say thank you.
2. Reflect, and let go
We learn something from every job, every engagement. What lessons would you choose to carry forward? What negative aspects do you need to let go?
3. Take care of your staff
Make sure to close out any performance evaluations and other loose ends so your team is in good shape after you leave.
4. Give things up gradually
Find ways to transition roles and responsibilities to others in the organization. Be planful, to not overload others.
5. Give honest but measured feedback
As you leave, you may be able to offer new insights and perspectives for those around you. If asked for comments, be courteous and honest.
6. Stay connected
Relationships are currency, even when you leave the organization. Share contact information and stay in touch.
photo: Mark Hillary

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