Friday, August 29, 2014

Doing an interview via Skype

I sometimes use this blog to share advice for students who are looking for jobs, especially in the art of interviewing (see also: on interviewing, on writing resumes, and 5 tips to get a job). Over the years, I've provided resume, cover letter, and interview coaching for many students—I started doing this career coaching during my role as adviser to Triangle Fraternity and ΑΣΚ Sorority, but I've also enjoyed helping students at Morris take that next big step. It's one more way I can serve the campus.

Many of us know interviews in the traditional sense: an in-person meeting. But our students may find themselves interviewing for their first job via Skype, or some similar video conferencing. How do you prepare for this new mode of interview?

NTD Training provides an interesting video tutorial on how to look good in Skype interviews:

The video offers several tips, which I will briefly share here:

Set up your immediate environment to avoid echo and avoid distracting sounds.
Remain mindful of what appears behind you when you are on camera.
Move your webcam to be at about eye level, and make eye contact with the camera.
Use a light slightly above and in front of you.
Dress professionally, this may be your one opportunity to make an impression.
photo: Alex France

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