Friday, August 15, 2014

Workshop: Open source comes to campus

Please hold this date on your calendar! If you are interested in participating in this exciting event, please contact Elena Machkasova, UMM Computer Science. I'll add that I participated in this workshop last year, and it was a lot of fun! It was great to help students get started in contributing to open source software!

Some of you may remember last year's "open source comes to campus" workshop. We appreciate help from several UMM alums who contributed to the workshop as mentors and speakers.

This year we will have a similar event, but this time we will run it on our own. Shauna and Asheesh from the Open Hatch group are kindly helping with the organization and with the materials. The event will be held on Saturday Sept 13th.

We are also looking for those with experience in open source tools (git, github setup and conventions, IRC channels, etc) who would be able to help students as the day progresses, and perhaps give a bit of an overview of a topic. These mentors can be alums or upper-level students.

Lots of details are not quite settled yet, so your comments/suggestions are welcome.

Anyone willing to serve as a "speaker" and/or a mentor - please let us know, we greatly appreciate your participation!

We also encourage current students (especially those who didn't participate in the last year's event) to mark their calendar and plan on attending. We will send out a sign-up form once all the logistics are settled.

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