Friday, September 19, 2014

IT Masterplan refresh

In May 2012, we completed the Morris campus IT Masterplan recommendations report. This was a joint effort with many partners on campus, and provided an update to our campus IT strategy. The recommendations set Morris on a path to a connected campus for our students.

However, we need to focus on the future to avoid getting stuck in the past. In that light, we are starting a new cross-functional effort to refresh the IT Masterplan. After more than two years, we have made significant progress towards addressing the IT needs of our campus. This refresh to the IT Masterplan will reset the strategies to improve our campus technology, better prepare our students, and better support our faculty. Our vision in updating the IT Masterplan is to marshal the University's research and creative capacity to address grand challenges, prepare students to meet 21st Century challenges, build on our strengths to create an invigorated culture at all levels, create a transformational culture of innovation of flexibility and responsibility, and support dynamic university partnerships to advance our campus.

On Monday this week, we came together during our monthly "TechPeople" informal community of practice meeting to pre-emptively "kick off" the IT Masterplan refresh. Thanks to everyone for participating in the group discussion! We used a variation of a "dot" exercise, which helped us to identify the top priorities from this group. We will use these priorities as part of a larger input process across the campus, to include students, faculty, and staff.

From this week's exercise, we identified these top 5 priorities:
  1. Funding for technology
  2. Expanding wireless coverage across campus
  3. Updating classroom technology
  4. Accessibility of course materials and resources
  5. Alignment of technology groups
We will also work through campus governance, including member participation from Academic Support Services Committee. Throughout the IT Masterplan development, the working group will report back to Academic Support Services and to TechPeople. In February, we expect to present the updated IT Masterplan to Academic Support Services, and (with approval) to Planning Committee.

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