Friday, September 5, 2014

Preparing for the infrastructure of the future

I came across this 2011 article from CIO Insight, discussing The Future of IT Infrastructure. While now three years old, the article is not dated, and continues to provide relevant observations in preparing for the infrastructure of the future. From the article:
"Andy Mulholland, global chief technology officer for consulting firm Capgemini, says that the Internet has entered the fourth phase of its evolution. The first stage was basic connectivity; the second iteration was global interaction among people; the third phase was sharing content; the fourth step is universal shared processes. In the end, the cloud is more than a way to use virtualization and save money, he says. It enables a flexible environment that, among other things, lets an enterprise tackle projects on demand and distribute micro-tasks among large groups of people."
The article may be succinctly summarized with these seven ways to prepare for the IT infrastructure of the future:
  1. Stop fighting consumer trend.
  2. Think modular, not monolithic.
  3. Move beyond alignment.
  4. Rethink security.
  5. Converge and consolidate.
  6. Build analytics into everything.
  7. Embrace project management and project portfolio management.
Several of these points address a symptom of the "consumerization" of technology, where faculty and staff bring technology into the campus on their own terms. Sometimes they work with IT on the new technology, and that's great when they do. At other times, they try to hide it from IT, and that's not good. We need to face up to personal devices entering the campus network; it's naive to assume this will be a passing fad. IT departments need to embrace BYOD. We need to stop saying "no" to customers, and find ways to say "let me help you."
photo: Kristian Bjornard

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