Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Strategic Planning

In my post about the IT Masterplan refresh, I included a note to say this:
This refresh to the IT Masterplan will reset the strategies to improve our campus technology, better prepare our students, and better support our faculty. Our vision in updating the IT Masterplan is to marshal the University's research and creative capacity to address grand challenges, prepare students to meet 21st Century challenges, build on our strengths to create an invigorated culture at all levels, create a transformational culture of innovation of flexibility and responsibility, and support dynamic university partnerships to advance our campus.
Those goals in the vision statement echo the Strategic Plan draft report for the Twin Cities campus, presented on September 12 to the Board of Regents by President Kaler, Provost Hanson, and members of the Strategic Planning Workgroup.

The "Strategic Plan Report" document includes a very colorful landscape table on page 13 that represents four major goals and five vision statements. You can find the same table on slide 10 of the Powerpoint presentation, linked on the same page.

In refreshing the IT Masterplan, we will also work through campus governance, including member participation from Academic Support Services Committee. Throughout the refresh process, the working group will review progress with Academic Support Services and to TechPeople. In February, we expect to present the updated IT Masterplan to Academic Support Services, and (with approval) to Planning Committee.

I also wish the updated IT Masterplan to document our governance model for technology at Morris. Similar to the IT Governance Process used by IT@UMN, our governance model should capture the input cycle (formal and informal), prioritization, and decision-making process that involves Academic Support Services, Planning Committee, Consultative Committee, TechPeople, and others.

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