Monday, October 6, 2014

Technology is not a learning outcome

At my campus, I work with faculty and students to leverage technology in support of teaching and learning. That's our mission in higher ed: to support instruction. Technology in higher education is in partnership with faculty and students.

To that end, I wanted to share this item from the Center for Teaching Quality. Originally posted in 2013, where it garnered 4,000 views on Flickr and over 500 shares/favorites/retweets on Twitter, Bill Ferriter's hand-drawn image reminds us that Technology is a Tool, not a Learning Outcome.

Bill's image asks the question "What do you want kids to do with technology?" and answers the question with this list of right and wrong answers. A few are listed here:

"What do you want kids to do with technology?"
Wrong answersRight answers
  • Make Prezis
  • Start blogs
  • Create Wordles
  • Raise awareness
  • Start conversations
  • Join partners
Photo: zzpza

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