Friday, October 17, 2014

The Millennial culture

An interesting article on Elite Daily discusses how Millennial culture differs from those before it, and how that will change the way we work with others. Written by Lauren Martin, a self-described Millennial or "Gen-Y," the article includes 50 things about Millennials that shed light in managing the new generation. But 50 things is a long list to quote, so I have grouped them into themes here, with a few samples from the original article:

Millennials prefer to do it their own way.
"We play by our own rules. We don’t take the first answer given to us. We don’t care about getting into trouble. We hate that “old boys club” sh•t."
Millennials are motivated by passion, not the job or the paycheck.
"We’re willing to work for nothing if it means being happy… Despite being in debt. We refuse to hate what we do. We know there’s always a better way. We want careers, not jobs."
Millennials know what they want, and will ask for it.
"We have social media on our side. We have less to lose and everything to gain. We have that “f•ck you” attitude. We are trying to beat the system, not just work with it."
Millennials grew up with technology and learning on their own.
"We know technology a hell of a lot better. We’re more educated, by the book and the street. We don’t have to go to college to get ahead."
Millennials bring a modern outlook.
"We’re getting married later and working younger. We’re listening to our women. We want freedom more than anything else. We know they need us more than we need them."
Millennials seek satisfaction in life.
"We know what makes us happy. We know what doesn’t make us happy. We learned from our parents mistakes. We have each other."
photo: Steve Wilson

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