Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The U of M and Unizin

I wanted to share this update from the Office of Information Technology, about Unizin.
By now you’ve probably seen the Provost’s message regarding the University of Minnesota joining Unizin. Over the next one to three years, we’ll determine if Unizin membership is a good fit for the University of Minnesota.

Unizin benefits Higher Ed by collectively owning (buying, developing, and connecting) academic technology solutions. As members of Unizen, we can choose whether or not to leverage their solutions.

The primary motivation for the University joining Unizin is our great interest in preserving faculty ownership of course content, and to ensure access to learning analytics remain under the control of faculty and our institution.

The first of many solutions Unizen will offer is the "Canvas" Learning Management System (LMS). While Canvas is of limited interest to us, the opportunity to test the system is likely something we will pursue later this year as part of our ongoing exploration of many new tools. While most tools we look into will not become offerings, investigating new solutions is key to our process of HypeCycle management.

To be clear: our commitment to Unizin does not mean we are moving away from Moodle to Canvas. We remain committed to Moodle and to its evolution for the foreseeable future. Any change in this position will come only after substantial consultation and engagement of the University community.

For more about Unizin, check out their FAQ page.
image: Unizin

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