Friday, November 7, 2014

Your tie says a lot about you

How you dress says a lot about who you are as a person. Whether we like or not, our professional appearance often precedes us. What we wear to meetings is often just as important as what we say and how we act at that meeting. And you might not know it, but your tie says a lot about you.

The necktie is an important, but often overlooked, men's accessory. An article on the BBC discusses the importance of selecting the right color tie: what the color of your tie says about you. As the article notes, "experts say that no matter the audience—clients, staff or even children—picking the right tie colour can help get your message across."

Here's a summary:

tie color: Red
To signal that you're in charge, use a shiny red. A matte red or patterned red conveys the message more subtly. From the article: "It’s not a coincidence that many politicians wear red-coloured ties with light shirts and darker suits. … Darker reds, such as a burgundy, can help build trust, while lighter red and pink ties can be more of a statement about your personal style and be associated with creativity."
tie color: Purple
If you're looking to convey confidence, consider a purple tie. "Traditionally a sign of royalty and wealth, purple is becoming more acceptable in the workplace."
tie color: Black
Typically a staple for formal affairs and evening events, black can look sophisticated. But beware appearing arrogant or overdressed for business. From the article: "It’s often smarter to stick to grey shades, added Woodman. A grey tie can help give you a more sophisticated look without seeming pretentious."
tie color: Green, or tie color: Yellow
Green is not often popular in American boardrooms, so you may consider yellow instead. From the article: "Yellow is a traditional tie colour in countries, including England, which can signal assuredness, along with radiance and vitality. … Yellow ties can make you more approachable to colleagues because it’s a vibrant colour that’s symbolic of the sun."
tie color: Blue
If you want to reassure others in a meeting, wear a blue tie. From the article: "Blue ties are a good investment because the colour reminds people of the sky and ocean, which has a calming effect, said Lindsay. … Patterned blue ties tend to give off a classic professional feel and can be worn in a global business environment without sending the wrong message. A subtle blue can be “soft and introspective” while a cobalt or royal blue can help you stand out just the right amount, she said. “Dark blues are often reminiscent of well-respected pilot uniforms. Navy blue is a trusted colour and gives us confidence."
tie color: Brown
Brown signals that you are friendly and work well with others, but it's not for everyone. From the article: "A more relaxed wardrobe of friendlier colours such as tan, brown, earthy colours, salmon and yellow works for people dealing with other people such as sales, teachers and the service industry. … Make sure the brown tie does not look too plain, because it can signal a dull personality. A beige tie can sometimes come across as too relaxed."
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