Friday, December 5, 2014

Media Collaboration Table

At the University of Minnesota Morris, we have been working on plans to extend our library to become a new "learning commons," a destination for both individual and group learning. We have actually been developing these plans for a number of years.

Although the specifics of the implementation have changed, the general plan is to convert the main level of our campus library into a learning center. Part of the learning commons would be dedicated to a "one help" center, where students would interact with reference librarians, borrow technology for short-term use, and ask for technology help—and as always, check out books. The main learning commons area would be filled with tables suitable for small groups to gather to work on projects. Each space would have suitable power and wireless for laptops and mobile devices. Other areas would provide separate, private space for practicing speeches or similar work.

We aren't there yet, but we are making progress where we can. This week, we saw the installation of a new media collaboration table in the library. Provided by Computing Services and hosted by Briggs Library, we are proud of this new technology addition to student study spaces.

Students can use the table to better collaborate in group projects. Connect your laptop to the display so everyone can contribute to the project. Having a large, shared screen makes group learning easier!

The table is located on the entrance level of Briggs Library. The hook-ups for the display will be installed early next week.

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