Monday, January 5, 2015

How to use tech in higher ed

In higher ed, faculty often struggle with how to balance technology skills in the classroom. As has been pointed out earlier, technology is not a learning outcome by itself. But educators can leverage technology to improve teaching and learning. Kristen Vogt's article in EDUCAUSE discusses 7 Ways to Use Tech to Improve College Student Success, and offers these suggestions:
  1. Achieve greater impact with “whole-course” models
  2. Design student success innovations with active, self-paced, data-driven learning
  3. Cultivate the involvement of faculty with early engagement and ongoing training and resources
  4. Engage students as designers and facilitators of an innovation as well as learners
  5. Join project communities to accelerate adoption and efficiency
  6. Address a student success innovation’s functionality as well as its academic requirements
  7. Create enduring impact through long-term planning and design
photo: r. nial bradshaw

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