Friday, March 27, 2015

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Matt recently shared this announcement, which I wanted to repeat here:

You may have seen the headline in the U of M Brief this week, announcing the "site license" for Adobe Acrobat Pro. As of today, all Windows-based desktops and laptops bound/managed by AD on the Morris campus can voluntarily/self-install this application at no charge via Software Center (Start → All Programs → Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 → Configuration Manager → Software Center). As many of you know, the additional PDF management tools available via the Pro version of Acrobat will provide a huge productivity boost for many users on our campus.

Please note this application is being provided as available and not as a required installation. Users will need to be guided to Software Center and/or have a support tech help/talk them through. If you are aware of units where all workstations will benefit from a required installation, please let me know and I can work through those details. At this time I do not anticipate forcing a deployment of Acrobat Pro to all faculty and staff workstations.

Workstations not managed by AD are unaffected by this change, and would need to follow the standard download and installation instructions (linked from the Brief excerpt below).
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro available at no charge
Adobe® Acrobat® Pro software is available on University-owned devices at no charge to departments. The software makes it easy to create web forms as well as convert, edit, and merge files. For computers managed by central IT, select Adobe Acrobat Pro from "Advertised Programs" on your computer. For units not managed by central IT, visit and select "Office and Productivity." Learn more about IT Services>

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