Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting results

A recent article at the BBC interviewed several chief executives, who revealed their secrets for getting things done. These leadership lessons should not come as a surprise to the readers of this blog, but they serve as an important reminder to exercise good leadership skills. Use this as a motivation to reflect on your leadership style.

From the article, with links to a few Coaching Buttons articles on these topics:

Stay focused on a few important things.
Paul Walsh, chair of Compass and former chief executive of Diageo:
"You've got to stay very true to a few core points that you will pursue relentlessly. Now you can't be so strait-jacketed by that to ignore issues that warrant your attention, but nor can you afford to be blown about by trivial items."
Maintain good work-life balance.
Allan Zeman, founder of the Lan Kwai Fong Group:
"You have to balance your life. It'll make you stronger in the things you do, it'll make you better at what you do."
Give yourself a break.
John Mackey, co-chief executive Whole Foods:
"We can only can function at an optimum level for about 90 minutes … you can do your best work in these sort of short bursts and you have creative 'oh my gosh' epiphanies"
Pace yourself.
Frits van Paasschen, chief executive, Starwood Hotels:
"There are just points where you have to say if I try to do too much, I'm not going to be good at what I need to do."
Delegate well.
Martin Gilbert, chief executive, Aberdeen Asset Management:
"My whole modus operandi is to get it off my desk as quickly as possible onto someone else."

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