Friday, April 17, 2015

Making wise purchases

A recent issue of Destination CRM discusses How to select a CRM system. For those who don't know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is a powerful tool in fields such as marketing and sales—and on university campuses, admissions. The article shares advice from industry experts on selecting an organization's first (or perhaps new) CRM system.

I wanted to take the article a step further. These steps aren't just how to choose the right CRM system, but how to make any wise project decision. A few of these lessons are paraphrased, but overall these reflect the CRM article:

Ensure readiness
  • Conduct honest internal evaluations
  • Involve every relevant department
  • Be mindful of your organization's size
  • Know your customers' expectations
Work with the right vendor
  • Research as much as possible
Maintain your system
  • Set reasonable goals and expectations
  • Plan for success
  • Prepare for failure

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