Friday, April 24, 2015

Reminder: U of M is retiring UThink Blogs

I wanted to share another reminder about UThink blogs ( going away in June.

OIT and the TC Libraries are retiring the UThink blog service in June. This has been pushed back a few times to give more time to faculty who needed to move content and personal blogs off of UThink to more suitable locations such as Blogger or Moodle.

Existing blogs on UThink are still accessible, including editing capabilities, until June.

Over the last year, we have directly communicated with everyone using UThink, and we have shared several reminders and updates(1)(2)(3). We have helped several faculty and staff to migrate their blogs. We don’t believe any Morris faculty or staff still use the UThink blogs, but wanted to send another reminder just in case.

If you are still using UThink blogs at, please let us know so we can help you to transition your blog to a new service.
image: UThink

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