Monday, June 29, 2015

Network upgrades coming soon

I wanted to share a brief update on our plans to upgrade the campus network. As you know already, we are working on an ongoing project to update the campus network. A few years ago, in partnership with the Office of Information Technology, we modernized the campus network and increased desktop speeds for everyone. Since then, we continue to improve wireless network coverage across campus.

This Summer, we plan to update the wireless network in the Regional Fitness Center, the Library, the Dining Hall, and the campus apartments. This will bring much-needed improvement to these high-traffic areas.

Looking ahead to other projects, we are scheduling work in Pine Hall, Spooner Hall, Blakely Hall, Education, and the MRC. We are also examining ways to provide wireless access to the campus Mall area, and perhaps expanding wireless coverage in other campus buildings such as PE.

Don't see your building on this list? If you think we have missed an area, or simply to put another campus building on our "radar," please let us know! We are always listening to campus needs. We also seek campus input twice each year, as part of our IT planning process. In the Fall, we solicit IT feedback and project ideas as part of the "Big Block of Cheese" week. And in the Spring, we again meet with campus leadership and governance representation as part of OIT's IT Input Cycle. Project ideas are filtered through the TechPeople group, and acted on by various teams in the technology Partnership.
image: Jonathan Briggs

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