Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Building corporate culture

An article at Destination CRM discusses the importance of corporate culture: Great Customer Experience Starts with the Right Corporate Culture. Engaged employees make for more satisfied customers. You may recognize that as cultural. But how do you foster and encourage the right culture? The article offers these Dos and Don'ts about encouraging a constructive culture.

  • Be clear about company values.
  • Implement the right technology.
  • Spend time in employees' shoes.
  • Measure effectiveness with the right metrics.

  • Don't tie employees' hands.
  • Don't do employee surveys just for the heck of it.
  • Don't just motivate with money.
  • Don't ignore the hiring process.

The article emphasizes that companies that don't engage a positive culture will cultivate a lack of enthusiasm. Employees will become disengaged, which leads to lower customer experience and falling customer satisfaction. In contrast, highly engaged staff raise customer satisfaction; the article cites a study demonstrating a "positive linear correlation."

From the article: "One of the main drivers of employee satisfaction and engagement is good leadership." And coming with that responsibility, good leaders need to engage with their employees if they want their employees to engage positively with customers.
photo: Wikipedia/Pumbaa80

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