Friday, September 11, 2015

On customer service

An article in the October issue of Customer Relationship Management describes how to become a multispeed organization. Much of the article is about customer account service, such as issues surrounding customers who switch providers due to poor service, but the overall topic is equally important to any service organization. In higher education, IT serves the needs of the faculty, so I encourage you to consider your own organization's customer service.

The article reveals three key tips for improving customer service in a modern digital landscape. Allow me to translate these to higher educaiton:

1. Focus on the customer
Every faculty has unique needs, and while we cannot meet every unique need, we can put focus on the customers in front of us. "How can I help you?" should be the opening line. As we engage with our academic customers, we need to identify the needs behind the request, and meet the customer's intention rather than the ask.
2. Find the right mix
From the article: "Before adding new services or channels, listen to what customers truly value, and customize offerings for each customer segment. Instead of offering all options to all customers, choose a group you know you can make a difference with and make an impact there first. It’s about finding the right mix of digital and traditional to improve the customer experience—one group at a time."
3. Tailor experiences to drive loyalty
In higher education, perhaps unlike other industries, our users have great freedom to try new things outside our control. As much as we might think otherwise, faculty are not loyal to us, they are local to the experience, to personalization. We cannot always assume a "one-size-fits-all" enterprise model; where possible, consider tweaking offerings to better meet faculty needs.

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