Friday, September 25, 2015

Top ten campus needs

I recently found a past issue of EDUCAUSE Magazine and I was pleased to discover an article written by a colleague, Advancing without new resources. The article discusses the increasing resource constraints for higher ed. As Kraemer says in his introduction, "No one is going to show up with a wheelbarrow full of money to address all of our institutions' IT wants and needs." As always, we must find ways to do more with less, to advance without new resources.

We will do this by leveraging the Cloud and finding other ways to Simplify, Standardize, Automate, and Innovate. But where do we focus our resources, to deliver the greatest impact with little new investment? Kraemer's article provides a top ten list of IT needs that he believes will drive future investment:

  1. Teaching and learning support, as faculty adjust their teaching styles and use more digital content.
  2. Emerging services, to identify the new trends in technology that may better support our institutions.
  3. Staff readiness, to grow capacity in our teams.
  4. Analytics, to base decisions on data and trends, to better visualize the future.
  5. Identity management, as we move beyond simply securing access to provide access to people, services, and technology.
  6. Mobile, as more of our users bring devices into our networks—or their own networks through 4G.
  7. Digital production, in finding new ways to support education outside the textbook.
  8. Information and infrastructure architecture, to support growing demand for loosely coupled systems and applications that can be easily tuned to institutional needs.
  9. Legal, to understand and respond to new threats and security models.
  10. Security, as increasingly complex security issues emerge.

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