Monday, November 9, 2015

Reducing spam

Are you seeing more spam in your inbox? This has been an ongoing problem for the last few weeks. I wanted to share this brief update from our email team:
As you know, University email users have experienced an increased number of spam messages in their inboxes since the Gmail outage last week. We’ve identified the root cause of the issue and today began applying increased spam filtering. Users should notice a decrease in the amount of spam reaching their inboxes. Currently, we estimate there is a 400 percent increase in the number of messages sent to the user’s spam folder. We believe we are stopping the most harmful messages. Our spam-blocking capability will continue to become more effective as we monitor, receive feedback, and adjust our filters.

The team has more work to do to resolve this issue and will continue to update the community as we make progress.
I know that spam in your inbox is annoying. But I'd also like to put this problem in perspective: The University of Minnesota Morris has used Google Apps for Education (Gmail) since 2010. While we had pretty good spam filters before, junk emails all but completely disappeared from our inboxes once we moved our email service to Gmail.

Over the last several weeks, I have received an additional four or five spam emails every day in my inbox. I compare that to the amount of valid emails I get every day that do belong in my inbox, and four or five junk emails doesn't seem too bad.

The stressor here is twofold:
  1. We got used to not seeing spam in our inboxes. So when we start to see junk emails in our inboxes, it's annoying.
  2. It's been a fairly constant four or five spam emails per day for the last several weeks. And that rate seems to stay the same over the weekends, so on Mondays (like today) we need to delete more junk emails. And that's annoying too.

I know that the increase in spam has been a problem for all of us. I appreciate your patience as we work to return your email inbox to normal.
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