Friday, January 22, 2016

More advice for new managers

When I later became a manager, I wished someone had shared similar wisdom with me about how to act as a new manager. Last week, I shared a few brief observations that may help first-time managers. That post was very popular, so I wanted to follow up with just one more brief list of advice for new managers, part two:
Learn to take notes in meetings using a pen and paper, rather than typing on a laptop. Many people perceive laptops as distracting.

Look at people when you talk to them. Stand with your body facing the other person. Don't cross your arms.

Work on your handwriting. You never know when you'll need to give someone a handwritten note; they should be able to read it

Accept invitations to serve on campus committees, especially those that also include faculty.

Write an article every year for a national magazine or journal.

Attend at least one conference every year. Better if you submit a conference presentation proposal, too.

Remember to thank people if they do something for you, even if it's their job.

Say "Hi" to people in the hallway, even if you don't know their name.

If you don't have any topics for a meeting, maybe you should cancel it.

Before you call someone, think about what voicemail message you would leave if the other person isn't there.

Voicemail should be less than a minute long, and should say who you are, what you're calling about, and why (and when) they should call you back.

At the beginning of every month, go into the finance system and track how much money your department is spending. Compare that to your spending plan.

Always have an update to share about how your department helps the campus. This is especially important for faculty meetings.

When you meet with your boss, always bring something on paper to talk about. You may not use it in your meeting, but you'll be glad to have it.

Don't bring problems to your boss, unless you really need them raised to the next level. You are the manager; you're expected to bring solutions.

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