Monday, July 25, 2016

Reflections after six months

I have been in my new position for just over six months now, and I love being part of Ramsey County! I am excited to come to work every day! We have made several key changes over the last six months, and we still have a lot of work to do, but we are doing it together. I consider myself fortunate to have a wonderful staff, leadership team, and colleagues at Ramsey County!

At about six months into the new position, now is a good time for reflection. Allow me to share a selection of my responsibilities at Ramsey County:
Direct and manage all aspects of Information Services for Ramsey County. Lead the vision, strategy, and governance for information technology in the County, ensuring alignment with the County's vision, mission, and goals and industry best practices.

Selected Responsibilities

• Through an Information Technology Plan, lead the strategic direction for IT and guide all staff in the achievement of this vision for Ramsey County.

• Create and maintain highly professional, customer-oriented, innovative, and future-focused IT capabilities in the department including operations, enterprise applications, information security, and project management office.

• Ensure the provision of secure and stable IT services in a cost effective manner to support business outcomes through effective risk management strategies.

• Ensure physical and logical security of all County computing assets, including data.

• Direct the development of and promotion of policies and standards covering County-wide IT related functions including procurement, technical infrastructure, information security, records management, and projects.

• Manage the development of IT annual budgets and monitor performance against established budgets and plans; communicate on behalf of IT to state auditors.

• Continuously and proactively seek ways for IT to deliver value to the County, including identification of new sourcing opportunities. Help the County realize new IT enabled business opportunities.

• Direct IT governance for the County. Serve on County-wide committees including the County Manager's Senior Management Team, and chair the County's Technology Governance Committee. Participate in planning and policy making at the executive level.

• Direct and perform special studies for the County to identify areas of potential improvements in IT and across the County's IT delivery structure.

• Maintain liaison with other public and private organizations.
Colleagues from my time at the U of M have asked me "What's it like in government?" I find it is very much the same. We have the same processes, the same structures, the same governance, the same committees, the same org chart … it's just labelled differently!
image: Ramsey County website

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