Monday, July 4, 2016

Take a vacation

I've previously written about maintaining a work-life balance. I'd like to talk about this again.

Vacations are important. In local government, as in local higher ed, we have a very generous vacation policy, and I encourage everyone to use their vacation wisely. Don't try to "save up" your vacation—use it. After all, studies tell us that taking a vacation can not only improve your mental health, but help you live longer as well.

For example, I'm planning some vacation time for myself: I'm taking the next two weeks as vacation. We'll be hosting a visit from family, then I'm taking some extra time off. There's a work conference at the end of that time, which worked out well.

When on vacation, you should enjoy your vacation. Unplug the electronics. Turn off your mobile phone. Allow yourself to relax and recharge.

While time off is important, coordinating with coworkers is also important. I ask that you plan ahead for your vacation. Discuss your vacation plans in advance with your teammates and your manager, so everyone knows when you will be gone, and for how long. It's very disruptive to everyone if you don't plan ahead, if you suddenly take a day's vacation because you would "lose" vacation time if you didn't.

Take a moment this week to look at your vacation balance, and plan a well-earned break.
image: Sunny Ripert (cc-by)

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