Monday, August 22, 2016

Marissa Mayer's resume

I'm helping two colleagues with their resumes, so this item stood out to me and I wanted to share.

From the moment Marissa Mayer stepped into the CEO role at Yahoo! in 2012, I was very impressed with her. Mayer was charged with turning around a company that was definitely headed for Internet extinction. The fact that she revived Yahoo! is a testament to her leadership and tenacity.

Among other things, I highly respect Mayer for her data-driven decision-making, especially unpopular decisions like deciding to eliminate telecommuting. The data showed that in-person work was more efficient, as people could gather together for impromptu meetings around a whiteboard to work through a problem. So she opted to eliminate that. I am sure many folks were not happy, but you can't argue with Mayer's results; Yahoo! remained viable for several more years.

As Mayer gets ready to depart Yahoo! to whatever comes next, it's interesting to note her resume, which a colleague had posted via LinkedIn:

When I worked in higher ed, I sometimes advised students on job searches. I would also offer resume and interview coaching to our IT student employees. I wrote about several examples on my blog about what to put in your resume and how to format your resume. Mayer's resume is a great example of a clear, concise resume. Interestingly, it fits on one page—an impressive feat for someone at the CEO leadership level.

A few things to note about her resume:

Use headings to offset content
Mayer's resume is easy to scan. If you were looking just for her work experience and her education, you can quickly find that. This is important to remember if you are a student applying for an entry-level position; most hiring managers will start with your experience and education.
Lead with action
In Mayer's work experience, she uses bullet points to highlight her major achievements in each position. These bullets start with action words: Led, Acquired, Built, Tripled. Anyone scanning her resume can immediately pull out the major achievements at each position.
Highlight things you're proud of
Mayer's resume includes a separate section "Most proud of" where she highlights four accomplishments. As you write your resume, think back on what personal aspects you would carry forward. What makes you stand out?
image: @marissamayer/Twitter

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