Monday, September 12, 2016

Your future roadmap

IT organizations today face constant change. How are you facing that change?

To position yourself for the future, you need to craft a "future roadmap." This roadmap should identify the projects and initiatives that will address known and expected priorities and needs, while providing enough flexibility to accommodate future changes.

Lead an exercise within your teams to identify what your projects and initiatives should be. What is your future roadmap?

In one such exercise, we created this set of ideas, presented here in no particular order:
Advancing Excellence
A plan for substantially increasing IT effectiveness and quality, reducing costs, and boosting innovation.

Change Approval
A formal review board to manage changes to the IT environment via a formal request and approval mechanism.

Business Intelligence
Tools designed to improve how data is gathered, analyzed, and shared across the organization with the goal of fostering a culture of collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

Eliminating the organizational "digital divide" by expanding access to high-speed Internet.

IT Governance
Common business methodologies for work and resource management. Every major work effort should have a governing body that provides direction.

Technology Innovation
Foster partnerships in support of technology innovation to transform the organization.

Increasing high-speed wireless Internet coverage in critical spaces.

IT Service Management
ITSM helps develop and implement key industry standard (such as ITIL) service management processes and supporting tools to manage the IT environment more efficiently and cost effectively, while providing  high quality services to customers.

Data Center Transformation
Consolidate servers and operate data centers more efficiently to reduce costs, free up space, and go green. Also consider outsourcing "commodity" services to the Cloud or vendor-hosted solutions.
Other future opportunities include: Collaborative work environments, "One IT," mobile apps, data analytics, IT rationalization, communication and collaboration, Cloud computing, IT optimization and IT infrastructure.

Do you maintain a future roadmap for your IT organization?
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