Monday, March 6, 2017

On becoming a multi-dimensional leader

I recently discovered this great article from last year about "How to gain merit, regardless of your job function." The article begins by describing the ideal workplace, one organized as a kind of meritocracy: "In a meritocracy, leaders progress because of their demonstrated leadership abilities (not their formal titles). But how exactly do you gain merit in an organization using practices that aren't specifically related to your job function? "

The article then lists several key attributes for successful leadership in such a meritocracy. I thought this was good advice for any leader, and I wanted to highlight the attributes here:

  1. Listen to people
  2. Put yourself out there
  3. Maintain your moxie
  4. Cultivate diversity
  5. Own your mistakes
  6. Be mindful

I've discussed several of these leadership traits elsewhere in Coaching Buttons, but it's good to highlight them again here.

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