Monday, March 27, 2017

Technology trends for 2017

Technology is always changing. You don't have to go back very far to see how quickly technology evolves. Ask yourself how things will be different a few years from now. IT organizations must adapt to constant change, or they will die.

Along those lines, an article at The Enterprisers Project shares these eight big trends that will impact IT in 2017. From the article:
  1. US government deregulation
  2. Rise in state-sponsored cyberattacks
  3. IoT security as first priority
  4. Geo-fencing for mobile app push notifications
  5. Digital customer experience as important as the product
  6. App modernization for consistency
  7. AI will be everywhere
  8. Displacements due to digital transformation and demonetization displacements
How do these stack up in your organization? Look ahead to the coming year and ask yourself what changes you envision for your future and your organization. Don't be the next CIO who might have brought change. Be the CIO who embraces change.

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