Monday, April 10, 2017

For open source career-seekers

Following from my post last week, offering resume advice for new graduates, I wanted to share this brief highlight from about four must-read books for open source career seekers. This is especially relevant to me, because I spent this semester teaching an online class about usability testing in open source software (CSCI 4609 Processes, Programming, and Languages: Usability of Open Source Software).

The article isn't specifically about open source software, but about how to communicate your passion to work on open source software. So this is good general advice too. If you are a recent university graduate making the first step in your career, you may want to read these four books:

  1. What Color is Your Parachute (Richard N. Bolles)
  2. The Element (Ken Robinson, PhD and Lou Aronica)
  3. Finding Your Element (Ken Robinson, PhD and Lou Aronica)
  4. Networking for Nerds (Alaina G. Levine)

I've provided only the titles here. The article includes links and further discussion.

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